Friday, June 8, 2012

Switzerland is Amazing. Here's Proof.

At the end of April, I journeyed to Lake Geneva in Switzerland for a week of quiet travels, writing, reading, staring wistfully at mountain peaks and wine tasting.

Here are a few photo highlights.

My windows had stellar views of the Swiss Alps. Note the photo above which was taken from my balcony. My first morning there, I found myself leaning out the open window, laughing uncontrollably at the impossible majesty of it all. How could it be real? Was I really standing in my pajamas seeing this right now? I felt so much happiness. So much of the world's splendor was being shown to me. I was unworthy but grateful. I was at a loss for words and laughing in disbelief. Then I banged my head on the weird tilted window and went to find some breakfast.


The food was fabulous and healthy-much of it is organic-and I couldn't get enough. I didn't taste anything that wasn't delicious. Even though I was in the French speaking region, there were obvious German and Italian menu items available everywhere. 

My friend asked if I liked the wine or beer better, and I said I was most impressed with the milk. Though an admittedly silly response. It was kind of true. While I'd have to say the wine and beer were equally good. I hadn't thought about the milk and was therefore surprised by its yumminess.

Honestly the whole week there was like living on that line that divides reality and fiction.
It turns out that is a very serendipitous place. I never needed a map or stressed about train schedules-for the record the trains are always on time in Switzerland. It was an intuitive place, at least for me. I've traveled to Europe before so maybe that's why.

The mountain town of Leysin, where I stayed, is a mecca for skiers in the winter. I arrived at the start of their off-season and found it to be a sleepy village that I enjoyed tiptoeing through so as not to disturb the inhabitants. It was an ideal escape for someone, like myself, who appreciates her solitude.

Every day I was laid back and happy and I knew things would be good. It was like I drank a week's worth of Felix Felicis.

While hiking up steep stairs built into mountainsides and finding myself in the middle of Maria von Trapp hills I had to stop for spins, pictures, and reading under a big shade-providing tree.

On the shores of Lake Geneva.

I looked for Victor Frankenstein but couldn't find least not in Montreux where this was taken.

Chillon Castle across Lake Geneva.

Mountain, Lake, Purple Tulips...what's missing here? 

Oh, wait nothing*.

Aigle Castle and surrounding vineyards.

One day I was walking down a hill and saw these little guys munching on some grass. 

Fondue in the land of fondue. It's a peasant staple in Switzerland, and that is the vibe with which it's served.
Nothing fancy.
Some bread, some cheese, bon appetit.

The highlight of my trip was a day I spent in the city of Geneva.

That deserves its own post next week.

Happy Friday!

*I also had ice cream.


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