Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun Friday: A Feast of Ice and Fire

Can you believe how time flies? I mean it's already June! I've had a busy few months spent editing, writing, traveling, and watching Game of Thrones.

The second season is almost over and I never even blogged about my season premiere party. I figure now is as good a time as any, because I can't not brag about my themed cooking success.

I used the Inn at the Crossroads blog for recipes and decoration ideas. I was even bold enough to try my hands at their Weirwood Cake. And by that, I mean I figured I'd try it but only one person knew the feat I was attempting. That way if it all went sour, and ended in melted white chocolate and tears with me shouting that the others could take the flipping cake, no one else would know.

It took four hours and the majority of my patience but I managed to construct a passable heart tree. The base is red velvet with cream cheese icing. The tree is made from white chocolate chips which I melted in a double boiler and then sculpted with spoons and my hands. I used skewers and made supports out of chocolate to be sure it would stay up. I've got to say, that cake is my crowning kitchen achievement.

I also modified their Honeyed Chicken recipe for the main course. After some smoke detector issues it turned out wonderfully. I suggest using grapeseed or canola oil which have higher smoke points. Or you can do what I did and wrap it in foil.

Also on the menu was a Sansa salad, veggie casserole, hummus, olives and cheese from Dorne, wine from the Arbor, an assortment of ales, black bread and salt (guest rights are important) and lemon cakes, which I adapted from a lemon cake recipe I already make.

Now I have to figure out how I am going to top this for next season's party. 

Cross stitch banners for the major houses and hang them around my living room? 

Sculpt the Wall out of Ben and Jerry's? 

Dragon eggs filled with actual dragons? 

So many options.

Maester's potions

If you follow the show, I hope you enjoy the finale on Sunday and remember Valar Morghulis

And if you don't watch the show. . . can I ask why in the seven hells not?


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