Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music & Writing

I love music.

My characters love music.

It makes sense that I listen to music when I write. Right?

Initially, this was to block out background noise on the train, but now it has become part of my routine. I am more productive with music playing. In high school, I did my homework with very loud, angsty, alternative rock blaring. I wonder if that was the same technique in practice. Blocking out other distractions, like the blinders on a horse. Only here the other distractions are usually my own thoughts...which are probably sufficient to spook a horse-I've been reading about zombies. Just saying.

My dog, Cody, loves music too

I know a lot of writer's use music to help them focus. Stephenie Meyer who cannot write without music, posted her playlists, they are probably the most widely known since they used some of the artists in the movie soundtracks. Whatever your feelings about her writing or the films, you can't deny her playlists are pretty fantastic.

My playlists, while writing, change a lot because I need new songs to break up the monotony. Also, if I don't get a lot of good work done, I will sometimes blame the music. This is wrong of me, I know.

At present my writing playlist is made up of 80+ songs. I listen to it on random. I have been favoring songs that put me in a high school state-of-mind and songs my characters would like, most of them by the following artists:

The Gaslight Anthem
Brandi Carlile
Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley, Jenny & Johnny
Missy Higgins
Neko Case
Katie Herzig

All None of these belong to me. Taken at Guitar Center.


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