Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At the end of my W.I.P

That's where I am, at the end of my work in progress. Just a few sentences left to tie it all up and I am done with the rough draft. Then I will be starting down the long road of editing. Normally, upon completion there is a feeling of joy, but I don't know where that ran off to because there is only dread here.

You see, I am stuck with an ending that is not an ending. Well it is...but it isn't. Oy! Contradictions!

Let's just say, there's unfinished business. Similar to the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince* where most of the plot is resolved, but Harry still has to go out and find those Horcruxes and you can't take out the Horcruxes or his need to go hunting for them, because then the book wouldn't make sense. So it needs a sequel.

One possibility is to keep writing and finish the whole story, maybe squeeze it into one book. I fear that book would be too long or too poorly done...or both. Another option would be to accept my fate and my required sequel and pray an agent isn't put off.

I didn't set out to write a series and I don't mind, but I am not sure I am comfortable with a first novel which can't stand alone. Is this going to turn off agents? Or is the set up for a sequel okay? I have a feeling that will, as always, depend on the quality of the story and the opinion of the agent.

For now, I think I will polish it, as is-a first book in a series. Then let some beta readers have a go at it and see what they say. See how they feel about the ending that isn't. Who knows, maybe I am exaggerrating. Maybe it will be so great agents will fall over themselves and publishers will beg for me to sign for multiple book deals.

But what really matters is that the joy comes. Maybe after I start my victory celebration. Wine has that effect on me.

Yes, that's Red Velvet Wine

*Not trying to talk a big game, I just relate everything back to HP. The Hunger Games and Golden Compass have similar endings that set the stage for the sequels.


  1. Finishing a WIP, whether it is a series or not, is something to be celebrated. Congrats!

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Honestly, a lot of books nowadays are getting sold without fully tying off the ending. As long as you write it so there's a sense of completeness--that is something gets resolved, even if they have to go on and keep adventuring to resolve all the issues. You'll be okay. It's really all about the story and the writing itself. Win them over with that and the not-completely-ended ending won't matter. Possibly be considered a good thing.

  3. @ Trisha- Thanks! I am excited now that it has sunk in. Maybe I was in shock yesterday.

    @Carol- I was hoping this was the case, thanks for your comment. I hate that I need reassurance not to worry, but I love that you gave it to me!