Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In #12

My first week of Bootcamp went well. I made progress on my goals and completed one! Hooray!

I attended my first meeting with a new writing meetup group. Basically we meet in a lounge at a local university center, there's no shortage of schools around here. After talking and discussing what we're going to be working on that night, we write. Writing with other people, even though we weren't working together or talking, was awesome. I've always had a lot of success writing in public, the presence of other people keeps me focused. This was even better. I spent the hour and a half there revising. I'll definitely be back. The meetings are during the week which I really like as I have a hard time squeezing in writing time after work, catching up with the dog and making dinner. I might squeeze in an hour but, but most weeknights I end up reading on the couch, too tired to think about my own words or what to do with them. That leads me to another goal-

I've put a big dent in Outlander and I'm headed out of town today. I love traveling, particularly all the reading time I get while someone else is in charge of flying, driving, or conducting me to my destination.

Most importantly, since this is a writing bootcamp, I've made it through about a third of my revisions. Don't get too exuberant though, that's only a guesstimate. When I can spend hours on a paragraph, it's tough to judge how long edits will take. A third of what I know needs to be edited has been, but there's always the chance of unforeseen trouble. I would have liked to be further along at this point, but I feel good about where the story is so I'm not going to beat myself up.

May Goals

1. Finish revisions for my YA Retelling Update: About one-third of the way through revisions.
2. Read An Echo in the Bone (Outlander #7) before my library eBook expires on 5/24! Update: I'm on page 500.
3. Read Perks of Being a Wallflower before Book Club on 5/25.
4. Attend at least one Tuesday meeting of my local writer's group Completed on 5/13


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