Friday, December 9, 2011

On Hibernation, Mostly

This week has seen some drastic changes in weather and mood, at least for me. It was warm, then full of so much fog I felt like Sherlock Holmes. Today things have settled on chilly and ecstatic, respectively.

Winter has finally shown itself. You know, winter never makes sense the way summer does. When it's insanely hot we New Jersey kids shuffle to the shore and plop onto the sand until work, school, or the cold arrival of September sends us back inside. Yet in the winter months, when the air is frigid and the roads treacherous, we are in a frantic scramble from store to store, party to party. I know it's the holidays, and I am not complaining. I truly love all the festivities. It just seems illogical. When it's freezing and grey outdoors, only hibernation seems truly logical.

Cody relaxing in the sun. Tough life.

Ideally hibernation would involve all my favorite books and revolving mugs of tea, cocoa, and hot cider. Curling up in my favorite chair with my to be read pile is so much more appealing than pulling on a puffy jacket, thick mittens, a hat and scarf just to take the trash out.

My favorite chair, as it turns out, is already occupied. And I have fabulous plans tonight, so any hibernating will need to be postponed.

I'm heading to see The Gaslight Anthem in Asbury Park, that's by the ocean in Jersey for those unfamiliar. Which kind of explains why I was thinking about the beach in the first place.

I love the beach in the winter. Uncluttered it's much more impressive. The ocean is still there. The waves never fail to beat against the sand. They don't stop just because we ignore them. Our participation is not required. Empty and cold the beach could be the end of the world rather than a recreational destination, because there's no way I can imagine going into the icy water.

Hmm... cold, desolate, impassable barrier at the end of the world? Where have I heard this before? Oh, Game of Thrones, right. I'm obsessed.

Clearly, I'm not the first person to be impressed by huge, icy obstacles.

Sorry for the tangent. I blame the weather and the weekend and George R. R. Martin.

Hope you all stay warm (if applicable) and have a great weekend!


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