Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Word Count: Bigger in Texas

I am back! Wait, you didn't know I was even gone!

Well, I spent Thursday thru Sunday in Austin, Texas. (yee-haw) I got a lot of work done on my wip. I am on track to have a rough draft completed in May. This is credited to my willpower to not log in to the free wi-fi in the hotel room.

Unfortunately, I didn't get anything else done. I didn't prepare blogs, I didn't read any blogs. I barely followed Twitter.

The result-I am lost in a sea of industry news. I will be back to blogging with regularity this week and I will share the good and the bad of my trip.

Can't wait to read what y'all* have been up to!

*I didn't fit in much in Texas.


  1. I have really loved my breaks from social media. But while you have more time to get your own writing done and hang with your family, you do tend to fall behind on other things. Good luck catching up! I've never been to Texas (aside from layovers at DFW), but hope to go soon.