Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daily Rituals

 St. Patrick's Day is only two days away and some people already started celebrating over the weekend by going to parades, eating Irish meals or just consuming food that's been dyed green, and of course drinking Guinness.

This got me thinking about my own rituals. I have some weird ones. Particularly when it comes to writing.

Despite my paranoia that some other commuter might read over my shoulder I enjoy writing on the train to and from my day job. It's a 25 to 30 minute ride and I can usual pump out 400 words or more in that time. I credit this to not having Internet access during that time and also having other people around. I would be very aware of myself if I sat there with my Netbook on my lap staring into to space. So I work, I write whatever comes to me. I get a lot of plot development done this way. Also, to block out distracting conversations I listen to music.

At home, I prefer silence when I write. Where do these rituals begin and why do they change?
In High School I always listened to loud music when I studied. In College I ate Double Stuffed Oreos while I contemplated difficult math problems or read textbooks. There were always chocolate crumbs stuck between the pages.


I wish I could get myself into a ritual to go to the gym more often but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Though I do foresee a possible return of the Oreos to my cabinet.

What are some of your everyday rituals?


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