Monday, February 28, 2011

In which I blame carbon emissions

Can I begin by addressing anyone who still questions the validity of Global Warming? You are all crazy. Last week it snowed here in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region. Yesterday it was so sunny and warm I thought spring had come three weeks early and last night summer came crashing down.

At two o'clock in the morning, I was woken by my five year old chow mix nudging my head off the pillow. Something he has never done before. "What is it, bud?" In response he nudged me again. A scene from Lassie flashed before me and I was little Timmy and Cody was there to warn me of danger. That was ridiculous, so I shook it off. Most likely he really needed to go outside. Any dog owner knows an emergency trip outdoors at 2 am, will not be pleasant. However, when I opened the bedroom door he walked into the bathroom and threw himself onto the tile.

I didn't need the lightning to flash just then to know a thunderstorm was imminent. This is Cody's routine in a thunderstorm but it is February. Why are we having thunderstorms in February?

My new dog a one year old beagle was still sleeping peacefully in her bed. Nice, I thought not realizing I was tempting fate. Half an hour later the beagle is on the bed, flipping out as thunder rips through the sky. To top it all off she peed on the floor in her terror. She spent the night whining in her crate despite the Norah Jones and Jack Johnson being played to soothe her nerves.

All of this made it difficult for me to get back to sleep and when my alarm went off my eyelids physically hurt when opened. All day I have been slow moving and weak. So if anyone still questions the authenticity of Global Warming. I would love to hear their explaination as to why we experienced a summer storm in winter.


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